How does the member programme work?

In this re-launch of the International Summit on Effective Compliance, registration for the Summit will be FREE and the lectures will be available from the respective day for 24 hours only. After that time, the lectures will no longer be available.

However, those who wish to have immediate and unlimited access to all Summit content and special bonuses for one year can (as last year) purchase the PREMIUM PASS.

As an affiliate, when you send your network or publish information about the Summit, you do so with your affiliate link. When you send this information to your contacts, if they click on your link, a tracking cookie will be used to check the purchases they make later on the Hotmart platform and thus make it easier for you to receive the corresponding commission.

How to get your member link?

The affiliate link (the one you will have to link to in all your publications and communications to your followers) can be generated in Hotmart from the orange button that says Affiliate Registration, which you can find at the end of the explanation on how to set up your affiliate profile.

Your affiliate link will be available from the moment you register with Hotmart and the tracking cookie will be active for 90 days after your followers click on the link. Below you will find all the instructions on how to generate your personal link.

As an affiliate you will get 50% of all net sales generated through your link (remember that the net is the result of the gross price minus cashback, taxes and transaction fees).

Steps to generate your affiliate link


Go to and log in with your account if you already have one or make a new registration if you don’t have an account yet.

To make a new registration you will be presented with a simple box where you can enter a few brief details such as Name, Email and Password, finally click on “accept terms” and click “continue”.

In case you already have an account, go directly to STEP 4.


Log in to the account you just created, then go to the top right corner and click on the “my account” option.

Then fill in all the profile details, most of them are optional, the most important are the country/time zone and the currency in which you wish to receive the commissions. Click on “save”.

Then you go to “personal data” and fill in fields such as country, tax number (identity number, citizen code, etc.), your postcode, region, city and address. Click on “save”.


Continue to the “financial details” tab, where you will be asked to create an account where you will be paid the invoiced amount. You can leave this step until after you have finished the affiliation process. Be warned that hotmart charges a fee every time you withdraw money from their account and put it into your account, so we recommend that you wait until the end of the summit and make a single transfer.

Once the first sale has been made, you simply need to enter your payment details, for this you can charge using PAYONEER or via a bank account depending on your country.


Now that you have created your Hotmart profile, you have to click here on this button that appears below “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AS A MEMBER” on this same page:

Once on that page, click on the blue button that says: “Sign in to join”.


Now that you have created your Hotmart profile, you have to click here on this button that appears below “CLICK HERE TO REGISTER AS AN AFFILIATE” on this same page:

Now all you have to do is go to the options menu on the left and choose “products”, select “I am an affiliate” and the product “INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT EN COMPLIANCE EFICAZ” will appear as an active product.

The next thing to do on the same page is to get your Hotlink, to do this you must click on the figure where the three dots appear, as shown in the image:

Finally, your personal affiliate link will appear, with which you can promote the event and receive commissions.

The link will have a format like this:

Remember that it is this link that you must share everywhere. Whether it’s in emails, paid advertising, social media to earn commissions for every sale that is referred by you.

Price of the PREMIUM PASS to the International Summit on Effective Compliance

The price of the PREMIUM PASS ranges between USD 120 and 200, depending on when the pass is purchased.


Here are the key dates to note in your calendar.

It’s important to keep them in mind. But don’t worry, we will remind you when to start promoting via email and send you the promotional material and all the support you need:

From 7 to 21 March: You can start promoting the event on your social networks and send the first email.

21-27 March: We enter the week leading up to the summit: the emails and social media posts continue, so keep encouraging your followers and subscribers!

28-31 March: Summit week. You can continue to send emails and publish posts on your social media channels. If you are participating in the Summit as a speaker, send an email the day before your talk and another one the day of your talk.


Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, remember that we are at your disposal. Write to Fiorella Coari at


Juan Pablo Montiel

Thank you very much for your active participation!
We will go very, very far!